10 cruel experiments to destroy women prisoners

t be brutal and inhuman science experiment in history,
these medical subjects often vulnerable groups,
such as colored people,
and even gay prisoners.
Even so,
the doctor surgeon are not punished.
the Tuskegee Syphilis Study in 1932,
by the impact of syphilis.
When the treatment is not effective,
so with the support of the government,
the doctors began Takis Gio syphilis experiments of evil,
but the experiment did not really want to treat these subjects (the experimental phenomena observed in the incidence of syphilis only).
The subjects were 399 untreated black civilians.
Most of them are flat,
poor and illiterate.
By 1947,
penicillin had been effective in the treatment of syphilis.
These black without prior informed got syphilis,
anti told suffering from scur