Live baby tree, hand in hand with LeanInBeijing to share with you novice spicy mother practicing Secrets

and his friends grew up,
became a bride,
with his family,
began to have a happy baby,
life and life have been given a new mission,
to become a mother.
No matter how old you are or where you are in your job,
have you made enough preparation for it? The mother's sacred and special address is always a big rush.
Mother's Day is coming,
baby In Beijing tree and Lean to bring the theme of the new mothers how to manage their work and life tutorial activities,
invite you to join together to discuss the circle,
ready to become a new hot mom.
Sharing become a new mother,
to face more adjustments,
how should I manage my work and life this topic.
(the end of free sweepstakes rules) new mother is happy and sweet,
accompanied by the birth of the baby,
and certainly before the workplace has chang