Look, who is the tallest woman in the constellation 12?

asks her lover,
why do you love me after all? In the eyes of lovers,
beauty is in the heart of a lover,
but in reality it avoids the question itself.
when were they most fascinating? * * * assumes ARIES: bow that is the most gentle careless girl Aries,
they can only take place when the elder brothers? You know,
the charm of the zodiac girl is only for the closest person.
The kind of shy and usually different,
absolutely can move the lover's heart.
It assumes assumes Taurus: sea breeze,
just as you mentioned the sunset beach pink skirt,
when the sunset light clear outline their graceful posture when they meet the beautiful rosy clouds,
softly chanting verse,
Taurus woman came from this picture to you,
for you when you smile,
but also Hold live? Assumes.
Gemini: water is a wave cross,