Luhan Taiwan film program alleged illegal work what

le source: Beijing May 2,
singer Luhan 1 evening arrived in Taipei,
the morning of the 2 day started to Yangminshan the Yijiao him shooting variety show I go to school.
The visual Chinese diagram according to the Beijing News May 3rd,
May 2nd,
the mainland popular actor Luhan appeared in Taiwan Yijiao him,
variety show recording I go to school.
Taiwan media broke the news that he's in the tourism documents arrived in Taiwan,
suspected of violating the Taiwan local employment service act .
In May 3rd,
the program group Luhan working illegally.
Released a statement of apology,
said it would undertake the corresponding responsibility,
adhering to the principle of safety protection recording artists,
to promote the work of.
the program also revealed that the recordin