Miscellaneous books, Gao Xiaosong signs is not more than 80 books for the folk literature history is no longer self pity

rid library,
in addition to Gao Xiaosong director,
will be involved in the planning and management,
site planning and other specific matters into the hybrid library,
you will find that the signs here not a curator Gao Xiaosong,
but from the pile of pick up out of the more than 80 ancient books,
folk literature,
and through them,
you seems to be able to see another flesh and blood of history a layman,
he did not know her,
just pick looks good.
The appearance of men and women,
as long as dignified thick,
which tube he good-looking,
not good-looking?.
If is was beautiful,
most people are born unlucky,
absolutely on the lower (should be no) to live.
This was published in thirty-one years Guangxu (1905) published by the end of the Beijing lady on the passage,
the author of idle book