[regrets] and pride, Ding Junhui, maybe next time I can win

tage contest,
Ding Junhui still did not perform miracles,
14 to 18,
the world's No.
1 Mark Selby,
missed the world championship.
Despite the regret,
Ding Junhui left a lot of pride.
Ding Junhui: maybe next time I will be able to win the | + sports reporter Mo Xiaojun,
Li Ting this is the Asian first appeared on the World Snooker Championship final stage,
although did not follow the 2005 qualifier Murphy,
all the way to the final championship,
but Ding Junhui still left a lot of pride: 15 bar single Pobai distance billiards emperor Hendry's record of just 1 shots.
The single field 7 single record breaking hundred also belong to Ding Junhui,
he set Selby and O'Sullivan to keep the 6 record breaking hundred.
Despite losing the title,
Ding Junhui broke many records.
Ding Junhui said that he ha