[scene] Girls encounter rogue entwine boy be strangers to each other and saved her

n the restaurant men constantly encounter harassment,
she told the boy next to be strangers to each other for help,
the result? / (recommended under WiFi) originally,
a random test conducted by a Guangdong TV show,
covert shooting.
- net friend comment - Zhoulei201503: who has no sisters and friends? If they are in danger,
people come to the rescue,
you will be thankful! Similarly,
when we see other people's sisters and friends in danger,
we should try our best,
don't we?! Feel for others! Sketch6: I think it is necessary to do such a program.
Many people in the society are confused when they meet such a thing.
They need this kind of positive energy to guide them to do such a fair thing.
For this group of positive energy boys praise! I hope this video can infect you and me.
When we meet