Serious eye care, young and middle-aged healthy eyes can not be ignored

there are flying mosquitoes,
bloodshot eyes,
blurred vision,
acid swelling,
frequent blinking.
According to the New Vision Institute of Ophthalmology survey,
Hushang 20-40 years old,
middle-aged and young people,
80% often have more than one or more symptoms.
We collectively refer to these as sub healthy eyes,
mostly because of excessive eye strain and eye fatigue,
says Professor,
Professor of Ophthalmology at the Tongji University School of medicine and director of the new horizon Institute of ophthalmology.
These sub health conditions are prevalent among young people,
but they have not attracted much attention.
In fact,
a lot of clinical ophthalmic diseases,
the first cause is bad habits with the eyes,
Jing Cai Lian said that the eyes of various sub healthy state,