Studio also my childhood

rst visual magazine,
the most popular picture number,
click the title below the blue word,
pay attention to visual,
remember when parents were pulled into the studio photo shoot? After growing up,
I just want to say,
don't push me to recognize,
this is definitely not me.
I am.
Po brother ah! Do you not recognize me,
sister? At the mystery of God Phoenix eye.
Promise me to be a little man when you grow up,
OK? At monkeys,
not retreat! At the mess and then the teacher to read inhibition! At a handsome female bodhisattva.
At the waist of a handsome hair dryer at Wukong carefully.
! Such a beautiful woman must be a fairy.
At the square dance to grab from baby.
At the ecstasy of your father's leather lace gloves,
dress fitting? You put Marilyn at Monroe's wig,
consult with her? There in