[tears fall] last day at work, 86 years old, he was crying on the bus

| start (kaishizhongchou) that has been authorized with love,
then you ah! The 530 bus The Bus 530 Detroit a bus station,
a 86 year old man holding a card,
with the work flow of people waiting for the bus trembling.
A double flash yellow bus slowly close,
a car,
Grandpa Meng forced.
? Why is everyone in the bus a thief today?! And then the next second,
moved to do not want.
? what's the matter? It turned out that today is 86 years old,
Angelo grandfather went to work on the last day of the company.
Grandpa worked for 60 years in the IRS (Internal Revenue Service IRS) in the city center,
and took the 530 bus for 60 years.
So on his retirement,
his family,
and his fellow strangers on the bus worked together to plan the special retirement ceremony.
who knew n