[tonight] you have too many things to do

received the consultation,
a lot of logic is beyond my expectations,
although I know everyone in the universe of 1,
000 universes values are not the same,
this is a normal part of life.
But when they vividly present their thoughts in front of you,
you will find that the thinking between people is really such a big difference.
A girl confided to me that she had been in a blind date,
and she was only twenty.
The girl asked me,
I don't understand why I'm only twenty years old,
but I'm going to lead a life like this.
I still have a lot of things to do,
and I'm really sorry now.
I wonder,
why do you have to do this to yourself? She replied,
I have no way to convince my family,
because my education is not high,
I do not have a good job,
I have difficulty in supporting themselves.