When the photographer meets the illustrator, the scene is out of control

tan is a cartoonist in the United states.
He started a project to encourage people to send a picture at random,
and he would add his own comic characters.
Because the brain hole wide boundless,
unable to control,
so in his pen,
seemingly bland pictures to tell a funny story.
you are suspected of hit and run,
please get off for inspection.
Hello! How do you do? This comrade! Wake up,
hey! How much wine did you drink? You bear child,
do not run.
! Bring back Lao Tze's pillow! Or see you,
your favorite little bear,
I'll rip it up for you now! Yo,
also to do.
Yo! This is not Zhao total,
but the day has not seen,
the company will go public? Oh boy,
you are lovelorn,
don't light here ah,
you look at this People are hurrying to and fro.
Listen to the uncle's words