Why do you cheat on the truth [] the original ring have suppliers know everything...

fund fraud is one of the most common means of Internet fraud.
The main form is that the liar posing as the seller,
in the guide user transactions abnormal handling,
trick users into the phishing site for payment operations,
and ultimately cheat the user's money.
Buyer's order information,
how do liars know? How to operate phishing pages? Where have all the crooks been gathered? Online shopping refund fraud phishing stolen information in Xinluo District of Longyan City,
online shopping fraud is rampant,
mainly unsuccessful transactions to the customer refund and other excuse,
relevant information through phishing sites or directly defrauding buyers.
how does a cheater carry out fraud? Let's take a look at Mr.
Cui's experience first.
A few months ago,
who lives in Zhejiang