Zhang Jiawei goods than goods

oud or catch as time or money,
by hand,
have also had to forget.
Cloud month in Tianshui,
in fact,
no trace,
pretending to take a look at,
a fun figure,
you just pretend to see it,
why the menu does not Chinese? I go to America,
said the grave man.
Americans don't do that.
Europeans have no sense of service at all.
Not afraid,
afraid of goods than goods.
Could you explain to us what this is? How many floors do you live on? Asked the old man at the right table.
Eight layers.
If answer.
Then you are willing to spend money.
! The left hand table always has an aunt with an exclamation mark.
The cruise ship left Venice for ten days in the eastern Mediterranean,
experiencing the Greek Isles and the Adriatic Sea,
The ship is divided into nine layers,
passenger accommod