High IQ fruit cutting, big collection, I heard you like fruit

ring eo | micro up position (ID:wezeit-video) in the up position,
all copyright micro shop owners authorized and issued to the shop owners like to eat the fruit of love students! The two-dimensional code so cool not just come to see you on creative shop,
the shop owner takes you to open up position,
we can recognize the brain two-dimensional code can be read oh!

Graduated 5 years, how can I do from 1900 per month to 50000 per month?

ring on: after graduating from the first job,
a monthly salary of 1900 to the present monthly salary of 50000,
the author of this article only used 5 years.
5 years of graduation,
how many friends have compromised with life? In fact,
recently there is a problem: just after attending a university reunion,
all the students in the past changed all the time.
When each other difference is not large,
but now we simply look very different,
some three consecutive years of civil servants not admitted,
but when some small boss,
some of their own,
some promoted to director.
You talk,
action and manner are completely different with reading,
I suddenly feel not know them.
How could this be? Source: knowing the author: Zhang Liang,
WeChat public number: zhang_liangj link: https://www.
com/question/33971854/answer/57629278 this article describes the author graduated 5 years growth path,
believe that we can give you a lot of reference.
Recently returned home trip,
a lot of emotion.
Once fighting with the en

We didn't finally get along with old Tan because the three man man made so many people love him

ring  the old cadre Jin Dong popular,
more recently because of the Ode to joy in a corner Tan Zongming circle of countless powder.
Jin Dongs laotan business legend,
is a just move your finger to make the Shanghai business shake super predators,
he not only has vast wealth,
and looks handsome,
almost perfect! However,
Lao Tans friendship with Andy is more important than these.
As a friend of Andy,
laotan warmth and righteousness; he knew her,
more than her more than she had to take care of her,
cherish her more than she,
he is Andys most solid backing.
As the only one not black character,
no wonder that friends shouted laotan and I together.
But! Final! Jin Dong,
whom we all love,
went to the great desert with Joe Chen! In recent years,
ghost chuideng was made into a variety of film and television,
Chen Kun Mark,
played by actor Hu Bayi characteristic,
and now,
Jin Dong starred in the web series ghost chuideng,
also let the Hu Bayi became one of the most anticipated role in the eyes of

Think of my daily routine. I feel like I'm taking control of my life

ring aily think my daily,
I feel this life leave self-control.
That shot in micro-blog: not normal human heart of a man named Chen Zhenghao to do their own reading,
reading with other customers like numbers are not the same as what he did in the ctrl+c ctrl+v talent is just click on the upper right to share: QQ Click to view the space circle of friends,
free attention

How much does your husband cost? Come in and count it yourself

ring a magic formula,
how much can you figure out how much your husband is worth? Would you like to count it? Of course,
some husbands are very annoying,
Xiao Bian is worried about calculating negative numbers.
lets set up a basic base price,
just like our basic salary.
The basic base price is 5000 yuan.
If your husband scores more than 10 thousand,
then congratulations,
you married right! Author: Meng source: Fox (qinzipaidui http://url.
cn/2Cfg6RA) son sent reprint please send contact with the authorized publishing editor: Mizuki Ayatsumi family (mweishijie) Abstract: if your husband with small husband got zero,
so please be brave to pick up your hands,
mhmm gave him several mouth good ~ such a magic formula,
can actually figure out how much your husband? Would you like to count it? Of course,
some husbands are very annoying,
Xiao Bian is worried about calculating negative numbers.
lets set up a basic base price,
just like our basic salary.
The basic base price is 5000 yuan.
Although set a

The baby is born with these 7 life picture characteristics, grow up absolutely amazing

than that of the ear and ear eyebrow brow line,
above the eyebrow or ear,
are innate smart,
on behalf of learning and understanding ability,
through careful cultivation,
gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory,
will be the top spear! In addition,
the ear paste clothes,
listen to teach obedient,
also easy to luck! 2,
the amount of high full full high and full,
on behalf of the childhood is good,
reasoning ability,
especially mathematics and music talent.
Hair thin fiber with young volley quality have literary talent,
neat hair line is also a strong learning ability,
learning the truth.
the mountains full ears to locations on the mountain said,
if the position is full,
on behalf of the school has gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory memory,
all the different intelligent pot

Liu Yifei's current self portrait level rises straight. Jing Bairan, does this shape really suit him?

ring g Xiaoyao Cannes film festival! Continue to brush the sense of presence! Yesterday Tomb notes crew collective miss Cannes red carpet opening,
did not go into the red carpet is very awkward,
but the activities have still ah last night to attend the creative conference in Cannes,
Jing Bairan Ma Sichun and your uncle all opt appeared but see figure after the moment was attracted to the new shape your home then,
blue the children also brought with you one collar,
to drive the fashion trend? This is just 45 degrees up the sad face is how,
strength type well dont worry you relieved cold mulberry,
not No.
14 and the red carpet!? Another missed yesterday Cannes opening red carpet Huang Jingyu,
finally get onto the red carpet (Cannes film screenings of money monster is not a red carpet red carpet),
but not the same thing,
black suit is the red carpet behind the gentleman full range of children and the big issue is greatly with the debut of the Soviet union.
Really good! Grab! Mirror! Yester

Even if the world is not optimistic about these stars, but eventually make commitments

ring ago,
there was a sentence full of friends circle: we have passed the ear,
listening to love age.
it seems that when you get old,
sweet words dont work.
But commitment and sweet words are different.
What is said is sweet talk.
When it comes to what you can do,
it is a promise.
Do you remember the 2015 concert? Originally cool Jordan Chan singing,
the audience in the face of wacky Cherrie Ying,
but the moment to laugh like a child.
His promise is to rely on each other: you do not put me down,
I do not put you down,
I want to make sure that every day with the same arm.
Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying have been married for more than six years,
but still as sweet as newlyweds.
Time is long,
promise is not false.
New years concert in 2010,
that is often made people laugh Runtu man suddenly became very tall.
He sang a love song,
hugged Sheenah,
and made promises with his lyrics.
Zhang Jie said,
never forsake.
Until today,
you cant see Zhang Jies face,
he looked at her

ring y,
the final outcome,
and so on,
what is the end of this ghost?! Clearly is to hang you chasing the rhythm of the second quarter.
But when the meat in small old bacon entertainment,
a rare four women a when the protagonist of the television series do not rely on,
do not rely on the tear forced palace bucket can this red seal,
Jun were moved to tears.
Yamakage produced,
will be fine,
full acting line,
clothing props are elegant.
The most interesting of course is elite returnees Andy! Played a red Porsche enough to pull the wind.
As a result,
the rich self willed crew will have to change trains halfway to Andy.
Let alone the clothes,
white-collar executives,
fashionable Guide ah! To be honest,
Liu Taos temperament is really like a good daughter-in-law,
a good mother,
acting as a female elite is not so convincing,
a mouth to speak English is the feeling of endorsement.
there seems to be a female executives of the gas field.
Give the dresser a drumstick! Newspaper friends remember

The 30 year old has 10 years of experience in TV market and now he took 85 after the team listed

ring o Lexi in May 10th,
Donglun listed media and project conference site,
Donglun media chairman Qiao Baihua announced a new repertoire developed in 2016,
not only Hey,
love on the grass eating men two TV series,
by the well-known IP version of night,
I am a son of heaven master is also among them.
Accustomed to the East Lun produced how the wife is tempered,
who will serve mother,
do not call my brother realistic painting style,
this surreal piece of small entertainment very curious.
Qiao Baihua in an interview with that little entertainment,
2016 is a year of transition Donglun media: listed on the new board,
by a single TV business into television,
Internet content production,
from the media,
artists brokerage linkage of Pan entertainment layout,
will open a new round of financing plan,
2018 IPO.
A lot of lightweight film company by mergers and acquisitions of listed companies,
while the East Lun medium was going to take a different path to create their