Even if the world is not optimistic about these stars, but eventually make commitments

ring ago,
there was a sentence full of friends circle: we have passed the ear,
listening to love age.
it seems that when you get old,
sweet words dont work.
But commitment and sweet words are different.
What is said is sweet talk.
When it comes to what you can do,
it is a promise.
Do you remember the 2015 concert? Originally cool Jordan Chan singing,
the audience in the face of wacky Cherrie Ying,
but the moment to laugh like a child.
His promise is to rely on each other: you do not put me down,
I do not put you down,
I want to make sure that every day with the same arm.
Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying have been married for more than six years,
but still as sweet as newlyweds.
Time is long,
promise is not false.
New years concert in 2010,
that is often made people laugh Runtu man suddenly became very tall.
He sang a love song,
hugged Sheenah,
and made promises with his lyrics.
Zhang Jie said,
never forsake.
Until today,
you cant see Zhang Jies face,
he looked at her