Graduated 5 years, how can I do from 1900 per month to 50000 per month?

ring on: after graduating from the first job,
a monthly salary of 1900 to the present monthly salary of 50000,
the author of this article only used 5 years.
5 years of graduation,
how many friends have compromised with life? In fact,
recently there is a problem: just after attending a university reunion,
all the students in the past changed all the time.
When each other difference is not large,
but now we simply look very different,
some three consecutive years of civil servants not admitted,
but when some small boss,
some of their own,
some promoted to director.
You talk,
action and manner are completely different with reading,
I suddenly feel not know them.
How could this be? Source: knowing the author: Zhang Liang,
WeChat public number: zhang_liangj link: https://www.
com/question/33971854/answer/57629278 this article describes the author graduated 5 years growth path,
believe that we can give you a lot of reference.
Recently returned home trip,
a lot of emotion.
Once fighting with the en