The 30 year old has 10 years of experience in TV market and now he took 85 after the team listed

ring o Lexi in May 10th,
Donglun listed media and project conference site,
Donglun media chairman Qiao Baihua announced a new repertoire developed in 2016,
not only Hey,
love on the grass eating men two TV series,
by the well-known IP version of night,
I am a son of heaven master is also among them.
Accustomed to the East Lun produced how the wife is tempered,
who will serve mother,
do not call my brother realistic painting style,
this surreal piece of small entertainment very curious.
Qiao Baihua in an interview with that little entertainment,
2016 is a year of transition Donglun media: listed on the new board,
by a single TV business into television,
Internet content production,
from the media,
artists brokerage linkage of Pan entertainment layout,
will open a new round of financing plan,
2018 IPO.
A lot of lightweight film company by mergers and acquisitions of listed companies,
while the East Lun medium was going to take a different path to create their