The baby is born with these 7 life picture characteristics, grow up absolutely amazing

than that of the ear and ear eyebrow brow line,
above the eyebrow or ear,
are innate smart,
on behalf of learning and understanding ability,
through careful cultivation,
gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory,
will be the top spear! In addition,
the ear paste clothes,
listen to teach obedient,
also easy to luck! 2,
the amount of high full full high and full,
on behalf of the childhood is good,
reasoning ability,
especially mathematics and music talent.
Hair thin fiber with young volley quality have literary talent,
neat hair line is also a strong learning ability,
learning the truth.
the mountains full ears to locations on the mountain said,
if the position is full,
on behalf of the school has gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory memory,
all the different intelligent pot