We didn't finally get along with old Tan because the three man man made so many people love him

ring  the old cadre Jin Dong popular,
more recently because of the Ode to joy in a corner Tan Zongming circle of countless powder.
Jin Dongs laotan business legend,
is a just move your finger to make the Shanghai business shake super predators,
he not only has vast wealth,
and looks handsome,
almost perfect! However,
Lao Tans friendship with Andy is more important than these.
As a friend of Andy,
laotan warmth and righteousness; he knew her,
more than her more than she had to take care of her,
cherish her more than she,
he is Andys most solid backing.
As the only one not black character,
no wonder that friends shouted laotan and I together.
But! Final! Jin Dong,
whom we all love,
went to the great desert with Joe Chen! In recent years,
ghost chuideng was made into a variety of film and television,
Chen Kun Mark,
played by actor Hu Bayi characteristic,
and now,
Jin Dong starred in the web series ghost chuideng,
also let the Hu Bayi became one of the most anticipated role in the eyes of