Apple why invest in small trips?

ring s and travel in drops announced yesterday that the latest round of financing,
Apple to  billion strategic investment drops,
this is probably Apple was founded 40 years ago the first minority equity investment and investment China Internet Corporation for the first time,
is also a bit firm so far the single largest investment gain.
Each people are surprised to hear the news,
not because of financing drops,
not because of the amount of financing is very high,
but the famous miser Apple past almost never minority investments,
almost never invest in outside the area of hardware and software,
almost never exceed  billion valuation of investment company.
The most generous investment in the history of Apple was the  billion acquisition of Beats in 2014.
The reason for the investment,
in the official press release,
Apple CEO Tim Cook said so: drops show the spirit of innovation of the Chinese iOS developer community.
Bit by bit to create a travel platform and its outstanding management team ama

Recommended iPhone wallpaper second wave the national husband

ring on Saturday,
Yaya recommended the first wave of national male god wallpaper promised baby,
there will be a second wave of duck is a promise,
second waves for wallpaper loading speed is slow,
the first duck thumbnail in the text,
to the original baby,
click on the bottom of the article read the text for wallpaper inside more pictures Oh ~ miss the first point here: the lower down | recommended iPhone wallpaper,
the national first husband! Come and claim it! Do you have to be a national goddess next time? Otherwise,
the male babies have ~ [amp] said message forwarding; forwarding the baby will find the legs obama! Click the read get down here: original HD

Love the machine, use AppStore these two tips you must know

ring s,
lay with me in love machine - Yaya,
teach you to engage in the most practical tips,
video comic action figure and text,
a new teaching model,
teaching packages! Night classes Oh ~ second App Store two App Store common troubles easily fix the baby should be facing this two issues: have fun App to recommend to friends,
how to quickly share it; App Store icon on a software update will encounter small red spots,
look so annoying,
for get rid of! Teach children today Yaya two strokes,
easy to fix these two questions.
Fast sharing applications,
when App Store found interesting and interesting applications,
hope to share with friends.
some applications have a very complicated name,
and typing without a word is really a bit of a hassle.
Screenshots to friends,
friends search,
not righteousness.
In fact,
the App Store has built-in share application options.
Find the application to share,
open the program,
click on the upper right corner [share] button,
there will be a variety of options,

Huang Bo Zhang Yixing Lin Chiling is embarrassed to take Taiwan star

ring ew hundred yuan living after netizens Tucao: dont limit for man to join the beggars? All the way to training difficult to survive skills? Who says you stand up?! The trip to Taiwan this Sundays six limit the time you come you finally nouveau riche not only eat sitting on! But also to shoot a youth idol drama mens tricks.
! Even scheduled (HU) under (you) Zhi Ling sisters schedule! They vowed to shoot the most trendy and popular idol drama within 12 hours,
including all the popular elements.
For example: a general actor have cross-border diverted,
how many people will see how many directors off the plane to pick up the heroine Lin Chiling,
received drama tasks,
you are eager for a fight winner can scarcely wait.
The first is Huang Bo domineering emerge,
categorically said: I want to have the final say! Then,
the actors who are in charge of the good fashion: now into their roles.
! His domineering spirit flowing in the International Film Awards numerous well-known guide have? Has always

Lovemaking is definitely not the regular course of official duties

ring -ninth day period,
the G-spot interview sex a little Ding Ding dont remember to close up,
to give each other some space.
This is the complaint I recently heard about a wife.
Two weeks ago,
we had to have a popping can play what pattern,
the past two weeks,
you have no knowledge?? If you do not do their homework,
to continue to focus on Doudou today launched more sex appeal guide.
Tips 1.
is willing to expose vulnerable to the other half,
this is a strategic proposal.
You might ask,
what? Fragile? When lovemaking is not the harder the better?? Why show vulnerability on.
perfect sex is defined,
some experts have completely different background and character of the lovers to do the investigation found a point we have reached a consensus: to bare their vulnerability,
give himself to another person.
The boys will be worried about their penis size,
or not good enough to endure work pressure,
and even affect the normal sexual function,
girls will be worried about their body is not enoug

10 afternoon the universe's most embarrassing embarrassment

ring ing users real experience from embarrassing 100 TOP1 to the bank remittance,
temporary car parked on the roadside.
The police put the penalty for fear of friends left the car,
he said to have to check the car come tell me in for a few minutes and the police came,
the friend burst into the bank to rash and too much in haste shouted: brother,
the police come,
come on! Nima,
a huge hall,
dozens of people,
silent in a moment,
and then the stream of people poured out of the bank like a flood,
and then I was five or six security guards on the ground.
Damn it! Afraid of God like opponents,
afraid of pigs like teammates! -- -- -- -- -- TOP2 university about a girlfriend,
that when playing lol,
so she left out loud; several times after breaking up.
Often think of this matter will regret it,
and here I sincerely advise you: do not talk about the girlfriend,
because of the special impact of playing the game! -- -- -- -- -- TOP3 recently found my stupid intake rose,
each holding Fanpen,
even after

How should girls eat bananas?

ring  suspected pornographic,
Chinese provisions of the network anchorwoman are not allowed to eat bananas was not wrong,
is wrong in eating out of the video below includes several girls eat banana note,
not only the female anchor,
everyone should know! Click on the video: in fact,
I am worried about the fate of cucumber.

Apple does not understand the investment drops, in fact, is behind Cook's worldly wisdom

ring t thing to do today is that Apple invested  billion in bits and pieces.
He looked up,
many experts began to flatter,
discerning what Apple ah,
what apple in the layout of car market,
what apple is to push Apple Pay in Chinese.
I think,
these are a little pull,
in fact,
people Cook uncle just want to stir up stocks,
reversing the turn of public opinion direction.
What about Mao? First of all,
Apples investment of 1 billion U.
really not much,
according to 26 billion drops of the United States market value of the knife,
only 3.
8% of the shares held.
This is a small shareholder,
what do you think will have the right to speak? Besides,
in the drip dishes,
there are Tencent,
Ali and ah,
which two families do not go earlier than apple? Which stake and the right to speak will be lower than apple? The two who do not have the layout of the car business? Pull it,
car networking is the focus of Ali and Tencent good cutting.
Even if Apple and apple work together,
how much support and coop