10 afternoon the universe's most embarrassing embarrassment

ring ing users real experience from embarrassing 100 TOP1 to the bank remittance,
temporary car parked on the roadside.
The police put the penalty for fear of friends left the car,
he said to have to check the car come tell me in for a few minutes and the police came,
the friend burst into the bank to rash and too much in haste shouted: brother,
the police come,
come on! Nima,
a huge hall,
dozens of people,
silent in a moment,
and then the stream of people poured out of the bank like a flood,
and then I was five or six security guards on the ground.
Damn it! Afraid of God like opponents,
afraid of pigs like teammates! -- -- -- -- -- TOP2 university about a girlfriend,
that when playing lol,
so she left out loud; several times after breaking up.
Often think of this matter will regret it,
and here I sincerely advise you: do not talk about the girlfriend,
because of the special impact of playing the game! -- -- -- -- -- TOP3 recently found my stupid intake rose,
each holding Fanpen,
even after