Apple does not understand the investment drops, in fact, is behind Cook's worldly wisdom

ring t thing to do today is that Apple invested  billion in bits and pieces.
He looked up,
many experts began to flatter,
discerning what Apple ah,
what apple in the layout of car market,
what apple is to push Apple Pay in Chinese.
I think,
these are a little pull,
in fact,
people Cook uncle just want to stir up stocks,
reversing the turn of public opinion direction.
What about Mao? First of all,
Apples investment of 1 billion U.
really not much,
according to 26 billion drops of the United States market value of the knife,
only 3.
8% of the shares held.
This is a small shareholder,
what do you think will have the right to speak? Besides,
in the drip dishes,
there are Tencent,
Ali and ah,
which two families do not go earlier than apple? Which stake and the right to speak will be lower than apple? The two who do not have the layout of the car business? Pull it,
car networking is the focus of Ali and Tencent good cutting.
Even if Apple and apple work together,
how much support and coop