Apple why invest in small trips?

ring s and travel in drops announced yesterday that the latest round of financing,
Apple to  billion strategic investment drops,
this is probably Apple was founded 40 years ago the first minority equity investment and investment China Internet Corporation for the first time,
is also a bit firm so far the single largest investment gain.
Each people are surprised to hear the news,
not because of financing drops,
not because of the amount of financing is very high,
but the famous miser Apple past almost never minority investments,
almost never invest in outside the area of hardware and software,
almost never exceed  billion valuation of investment company.
The most generous investment in the history of Apple was the  billion acquisition of Beats in 2014.
The reason for the investment,
in the official press release,
Apple CEO Tim Cook said so: drops show the spirit of innovation of the Chinese iOS developer community.
Bit by bit to create a travel platform and its outstanding management team ama