Huang Bo Zhang Yixing Lin Chiling is embarrassed to take Taiwan star

ring ew hundred yuan living after netizens Tucao: dont limit for man to join the beggars? All the way to training difficult to survive skills? Who says you stand up?! The trip to Taiwan this Sundays six limit the time you come you finally nouveau riche not only eat sitting on! But also to shoot a youth idol drama mens tricks.
! Even scheduled (HU) under (you) Zhi Ling sisters schedule! They vowed to shoot the most trendy and popular idol drama within 12 hours,
including all the popular elements.
For example: a general actor have cross-border diverted,
how many people will see how many directors off the plane to pick up the heroine Lin Chiling,
received drama tasks,
you are eager for a fight winner can scarcely wait.
The first is Huang Bo domineering emerge,
categorically said: I want to have the final say! Then,
the actors who are in charge of the good fashion: now into their roles.
! His domineering spirit flowing in the International Film Awards numerous well-known guide have? Has always