Love the machine, use AppStore these two tips you must know

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lay with me in love machine - Yaya,
teach you to engage in the most practical tips,
video comic action figure and text,
a new teaching model,
teaching packages! Night classes Oh ~ second App Store two App Store common troubles easily fix the baby should be facing this two issues: have fun App to recommend to friends,
how to quickly share it; App Store icon on a software update will encounter small red spots,
look so annoying,
for get rid of! Teach children today Yaya two strokes,
easy to fix these two questions.
Fast sharing applications,
when App Store found interesting and interesting applications,
hope to share with friends.
some applications have a very complicated name,
and typing without a word is really a bit of a hassle.
Screenshots to friends,
friends search,
not righteousness.
In fact,
the App Store has built-in share application options.
Find the application to share,
open the program,
click on the upper right corner [share] button,
there will be a variety of options,