What about sexual allergy to condoms in both sexes QampampA?

ring partner told me that she was allergic to condoms.
If she had sex with a condom,
she would itch,
get red and swollen,
and sometimes she would sting.
Is that what I mean? A: amount.
If both of you health,
and to give birth to a child is the premise of communication,
no set of course is your choice,
after all,
countries have begun to encourage the child,
now that the aging society is becoming more and more serious problems,
you need to solve these young people.
Although the condom is the most simple and cheapest contraceptive methods (more important is to reduce sexually transmitted diseases),
but according to the survey,
the main material of latex condoms,
in fact,
is likely to cause allergies,
and according to the survey,
there are about 6~8% of people (including male and female condoms) of latex material allergic reactions,
if add spices,
luminous type (usually add phosphorus coating on,
is the legendary wisps,
P) or delay,
is added to benzocaine condoms.
You also need to pay attention to w